Thank you for years of support!

After 26 years of holding our annual German Dinner the steering committee and leadership of St. Paul’s has decided to discontinue holding this event. Many factors have contributed to this decision including the challenging task of recruiting volunteers for the many labor-intensive positions. There is uncertainty with the current health crisis regarding restrictions that could come into play reducing capacity or the serving of buffet style meals. All these contributing factors have made it very difficult to continue at the level we are accustomed to.


On a positive and upbeat note, we are not going away completely!  Our team is planning to focus our attention and efforts on expanding our Chriskindlmarkt in December!  It is another fantastic opportunity for our church family to engage with the community and live out our mission to ‘Feed the body, mind and spirit of all.’  We want to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has helped over the years to make the St. Paul’s Walkersville German Dinner a successful event!
St. Paul’s looks forward to all the new endeavors God will be placing in our future.